Internet Explorer / MSN ICC Profiles Crash PoC Exploit Jul 16 2005 05:15PM
edward11 postmaster co uk

Can crash msn and execute commands

Windows has a buffer overflow vulnerability in the processing of embedded ICC Profiles
inside images (jpeg, tiff, etc...)

To test - create a jpeg in adobe photoshop and save it with the ICC checkbox enabled,
make sure you set it to RGB (that does not really matter, just so you can find which
bytes to change for the test).

Open in a hex editor and search for "RGB XYZ " (no quotes, case sensitive)

You are now inside the header of the ICC Profile which is 128 bytes.
104 bytes away is a 4 byte number which is the Tag Count of the ICC Profile.
Change this to "FF FF FF FF" (it will be followed by a 4 byte string which is
part of a 12 byte tag. there are several such tags, it should help you identify
which bytes to change).

Save, open in internet explorer, and see the crash.

and this is the crash:

.text:73B323BC loc_73B323BC: ; CODE XREF: GetColorProfileElement+D6j
.text:73B323BC cmp [ebx], eax
.text:73B323BE jz short loc_73B323DD
.text:73B323C0 add ebx, 0Ch
.text:73B323C3 inc edx
.text:73B323C4 cmp edx, ecx
.text:73B323C6 jb short loc_73B323BC
.text:73B323C8 loc_73B323C8: ; CODE XREF: GetColorProfileElement+CAj
.text:73B323C8 push 7DCh ; dwErrCode
.text:73B323CD call ds:SetLastError

ebx is controlable. but gets a read access violation.

....be kool and create a PoC and change your sig to the exploit.jpg

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