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Williams, James K (James Williams ca com)

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> Subject: SiteMinder Multiple Vulnerabilities
> From: c0ntex <c0ntexb () gmail ! com>
> Date: 2005-07-08 14:03:11
> $ An open security advisory #10 - Siteminder v5.5
> Vulnerabilities
> [...]

This issue is NOT present in out-of-the-box installations of
SiteMinder. All supported versions of SiteMinder have an
agent configuration parameter called "CSSChecking" that is,
by default, set to "YES". A SiteMinder administrator would
have to intentionally set this parameter to "NO" to become
vulnerable to this issue.

The "CSSChecking" configuration parameter has been very well
documented in SiteMinder product documentation since 2001.

This issue is also documented and addressed in a security
advisory posted in October 2002 at this URL:
(URL may wrap)

.asp?isNodeGroup=null&ProductNumber=735&Pare ntId=493&groupType=249

Note that SiteMinder customers should continue to go to
support.netegrity.com for product support.


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