Re: Re : [Firefox Bug 302187] New: Shared section vulnerability when opening microsoft office document resulting in DoS Jul 28 2005 05:54PM
sylvain roger solucom fr (1 replies)
As I got some questions about this I think I need to precise it.
I can say for sure now : It is not a firefox vulnerability but Microsoft Office vulnerability. Firefox is just here as an example.
The vulnerability is that when a winword.exe process is created from another application (like firefox.exe) it creates a shared section called \BaseNameObjects\Mso97SharedDgXXXXXXXX which has write rights for everyone. This allows to write arbitrary data on the shared section resulting in a denial of service of all opened Microsoft Office applications. It may be necessary sometimes to reboot the machine in order to use again the Office applications.
Microsoft just answers it is a technical issue and not a security issue

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