Sql injection and global variables poisoning in XMB Forum 1.9.1 Aug 09 2005 12:00PM
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Vendor notified at and partial patch:

firstly the input validation at xmb.php:

foreach ($global as $num => $array) {
if (is_array($array)) {
extract($array, EXTR_OVERWRITE);

this should put to not overwrite any variables cause
it overwrite server set variables too. this creates problems
when user submits a additional field in form:

<input type="text" name="_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR]" value="555.555.555.555">

secondly there is a case of sql injection in include/u2u.inc.php
line ~491:

$in = '';
foreach ( $u2u_select as $value ) {
if ( $GLOBALS['type'.$value] != 'outgoing' ) {
$in .= ( empty( $in ) ) ? "$value" : ",$value";
$db->query( "UPDATE $table_u2u SET readstatus='no' WHERE u2uid IN($in) AND owner='$self[username]'" );

the variable $in is not actually validated and could and will cause problems if not fixed.

Greets #rainbowcrack and http://www.waraxe.us

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