Vulnerability found in CPAINT Ajax Toolkit Aug 15 2005 04:52PM
wiley14 gmail com
I am the original author of the CPAINT Ajax Toolkit (http://cpaint.sourceforge.net/). Last night we found a vulnerability affecting all versions of CPAINT prior to v1.3-SP (which is the patched version of the software) that can allow a user with malicious intent to execute server or ASP/PHP commands that would allow them to easily access data on the server.

We have removed prior versions of the software from our SourceForge Project website and highly recommend that all users upgrade to v1.3-SP which can be downloaded at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=141041&package_id=

This problem will also affect any software packages and/or websites that utilize the CPAINT toolkit. We also suspect this problem affects other AJAX toolkits (as they are all very similar in the way they execute functions on the backend) and urge other AJAX toolkit authors and users to test for any security problems as well.

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