Re: RE: Cisco Clean Access Agent (Perfigo) bypass Aug 22 2005 10:26PM
cdmiller-bugtraq adams edu
More clarification, response to Cisco guy,

1) Authenticated windows users can get on the network without installing the CCA agent, unless, "the administrator can define Network Scanning
rules on the CCA Manager and use Nessus scans to determine the real OS in use". Perhaps remote checks should be required and user-agent not an option.

3) Suggestion was made that machines with a firewall secure enough that CCA-perfigo can't scan them be quarantined. Interesting paradox.

More interesting CCA usage problems:
Non malicious users may change their user-agent string to access banking sites etc..

Worms may start changing user-agent strings to muck with CCA like systems.

I wonder how secure the agent itself is.

The CCA OS probably needs some updates:
Redhat 7.3
kernel 2.4.9-perfigo (source code is where?)

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