Sawmill XSS vuln Sep 12 2005 02:57PM
Mark Terry (Mark Terry nta-monitor com)

This has been delayed until the vendor had released a new version:

Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 11:48:48 -0700
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Thank you for reporting this vulerability in Sawmill. We have researched

this, and verified this vulnerability. This vulnerability exists in
Sawmill version 7.0.0 through 7.1.13. All platforms, including Windows,
are vulerable to this attack.

We have fixed this in the latest internal version, by replacing < and
< and > with >, and & with &, in the error message. You can
get a pre-release with the fix from http://sawmill.net/prerelease.html .

We plan to ship Sawmill 7.1.14 next week, probably next Friday. It is
possible it will be delayed by as much as a week. So as a tentative
timeline, can we aim for release in two weeks, or earlier if 7.1.14
becomes available before then?



Sawmill XSS Vulnerability


The web administration page for the Sawmil log analysis software is
vulnerable to an XSS attack. The attacker does not need to be
authenticated to perform this attack

[Vulnerability Details]

Sawmill's built in webserver assumes that any query string appended to a
GET request is a configuration command. This query string is not
validated correctly for HTML tags so an attacker can use <script> tags
to alter the output that is displayed to the browser.

Possible attacks are varied, and can include creating a false login page
to capture authentication details.

Example simple attack:


[Affected Versions]

Version 7.1.13 (and below?) is affected by this vulnerability.

The previous version 6.5.11 is not affected by this issue. The latest
version 7.1.14 is not affected by this issue.

At this time only the windows and the source code (on linux) download
versions have been tested.


Upgrade to version 7.1.14 or newer.


The vulnerability was first discovered on 22nd August 2005. Fix
availible on 8th September 2005.




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