Re: Hidden accounts on sony vaio laptops Nov 08 2005 06:49PM
Williams, James K (James Williams ca com)

Not a Sony issue. This setup has been documented by MS
since the release of Windows XP in 2001.

"Q: How can I add an Administrator password to make my
computer more secure?

A: Another way to make your computer more secure is to
assign a password to the Administrator account, which is
blank by default. An Administrator account is a user account
that has full permissions and control over a computer, can
gain access to and modify all user accounts on a computer,
and can only be accessed from safe mode."



Ken Williams ; Dir. Vuln Research
Computer Associates ; 0xE2941985

> List: bugtraq
> Subject: Hidden accounts on sony vaio laptops
> From: yash.kadakia () securityforge ! com
> Date: 2005-11-07 14:08:09
> Sony Vaio laptops require you to create a user account the
> first time you start your laptop. If the user you select
> is not "Administrator", Sony still goes ahead and creates
> a user "Administrator" with a blank password.
> This user does not show up in control panel under User
> Accounts but if you do start up in safemode the laptop
> allows you to login as Administrator.
> This gives an attacker an opportunity to gain
> administrative access to a computer and access to create
> add delete or modify user accounts.
> This is basically a backdoor account that is hidden from
> the user and compromises the security of all Sony Vaio
> laptops.

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