ANN: Free endpoint security software released (Core FORCE 070.105) Nov 28 2005 06:10PM
Core FORCE team (force force coresecurity com)

CoreLabs, the research arm of Core Security Technologies is pleased to
announce the public release of Core FORCE, a free software endpoint
security solution.

Core FORCE, a fully functional endpoint protection software for Windows
2000 and Windows XP systems, is released under the Apache 2.0 license
and is available now at http://force.coresecurity.com.

The release of Core FORCE 070.105 fixes several compatibility issues
with AV software packages and includes changes to security configuration
to allow its use in Windows environments that require users to logon to
a Domain Controller.

This is part of an ongoing beta program for CoreLab's collaborative
endpoint security project. The project seeks to foster the creation of a
collaborative community of security practitioners as a way to achieve
highly effective endpoint security protection. We believe that
collaborative endpoint security, understood as a cooperating group of
users and not just software components, could go a long way towards
achieving this goal if equipped with proper tools.

Core FORCE offers state-of-the-art technology to protect you from
today's most common and prevalent threats. Using Core FORCE you can:

- Protect your computer from compromise by worms, viruses and
email-borne malware;
- Prevent your computer from being used as a staging point to amplify
attacks and compromise others;
- Prevent exploitation of known bugs in the operating system and
applications running on your computer;
- Prevent exploitation of unknown bugs (0-day) in the operating system
and applications running on your computer; and,
- Detect and prevent execution of adware, spyware, trojan horses and
other malware on you computer.

With Core FORCE, endpoint security can be enforced on a per application
basis using Application Profiles that specify a program's network, file
system and registry permissions with a significant level of granularity.
All users of Core FORCE can create, peer-review and download Application
Profiles from the Core FORCE Community site (Note: to submit profiles or
join in discussions, users must first register).

Application Profiles submitted to the Core FORCE community are required
to use the Creative Commons license, available at
http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/. The license
guarantees that all users in the community will be able to use these
profiles and create new ones based on any submissions.

You are invited to join the program and send us your feedback, comments
and flames at support (at) force.coresecurity (dot) com. [email concealed]

- The Core FORCE team @ CoreLabs

*About CoreLabs*

CoreLabs, the research center of Core Security Technologies located in
Buenos Aires, Argentina, is charged with anticipating the future needs
and requirements for information security technologies. CoreLabs, which
is led by Ariel Futoransky, prides itself on taking a holistic view of
information security with a focus on developing solutions to the
complex, real-world security problems that affect our customers today or
will affect them tomorrow.

The solutions developed by CoreLabs leverage the collaborative expertise
of our world-class engineering and consulting teams. We conduct our
research in several important areas of information security including
vulnerability research, cyber attack planning and simulation, source
code auditing, endpoint security, web application security and

*About Core Security Technologies*

Core Security Technologies develops strategic solutions that help
security-conscious organizations worldwide develop and maintain a
proactive process for securing their networks. The company?s flagship
product, CORE IMPACT, is the first automated penetration testing product
for assessing specific information security threats to an organization.
Penetration testing evaluates overall network security and identifies
what resources are exposed. It enables organizations to determine if
current security investments are detecting and preventing attacks. Core
augments its leading technology solution with world-class security
consulting services, including penetration testing, software security
auditing and related training. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Core
Security Technologies can be reached at 617-399-6980 or on the Web at

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