Re: [KAPDA::#16] - SMF SQL Injection Dec 10 2005 11:51AM
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I'm a developer from over at simplemachines and I do not see how this can pose an exploit? Let's examine the code piece by piece:

The code is entered at this point:
if (!is_numeric($_REQUEST['start']))

So, will be executed if $_REQUEST['start'] is a string. It's then used in the query. However, it's used in the query in this piece of code:

substr(strtolower($_REQUEST['start']), 0, 1)

So, the string is set to lower case, and then only the FIRST letter is used within the query. How can anyone exploit the database with a one character insertion? Of course this is within single quotes as well, so it cannot even be a command.

I simply cannot see how you could possibly exploit SQL from this?

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Re: [KAPDA::#16] - SMF SQL Injection Dec 11 2005 04:42PM
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