Re: Fullpath disclosure in roundcube webmail Dec 17 2005 11:43PM
Steven M. Christey (coley mitre org)

>I try this request in my mailbox
>bce= &_task=3Dma%60il then roundcube shows this warning

For the 3 people who might care about the distinction (e.g. vuln DBs
who exclude path disclosure), this appears to be a custom error
message, not one generated by PHP, and therefore a design choice by
the developer.

Notice that in the URL above, the "_task" parameter has the value
"ma`il" - an invalid value.

roundcube appears to perform some validation of the value, then giving
a verbose error message when the validation fails.

Near the end of index.php we have:

> // only allow these templates to be included
> $valid_tasks = array('mail','settings','addressbook');
> // parse main template
> if (in_array($_task, $valid_tasks))
> parse_template($_task);
> // if we arrive here, something went wrong
> raise_error(array('code' => 404,
> 'type' => 'php',
> 'line' => __LINE__,
> 'file' => __FILE__,
> 'message' => "Invalid request"), TRUE, TRUE);

So __FILE__ is part of the error message, which is inserted into a
text template. The relevant code is in program/steps/error.inc and

This is based on source analysis of roundcubemail-0.1-20051021.

- Steve

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