Re: XSS bypass in PHPNuke - FIX ? Dec 20 2005 12:14AM
Paul Laudanski (zx castlecops com)
On Tue, 20 Dec 2005, SecurityReason - sp3x wrote:

> Hi Paul
> Do you have any idea to do fix or update filter of phpnuke against XSS that discovered my friend.
> We were working with chaserv from nukefixes.com on this fix...
> But as you wrote on bugtraq the Fix is not very good...
> Any idea for good fix ??
> BTW : http://castlecops.com is working with phpnuke team ??
> just asking :)

Hi'ya, as per my previous post you can use htmlspecialchars or
htmlentities. So in this case take the query and run it through

$query = htmlspecialchars($query);

... _before_ you do anything with it like displaying the query back to the

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