WMF SETABORTPROC exploit Jan 03 2006 08:44AM
SanjayR (sanjayr intoto com)
Hi Moore et al (and All):
I was trying to understand the wmf setabortproc exploit code. I got
confused over one point. In the code, under the point "StandardMetaRecord -
Escape()", you have given the value of WORD function as 0x0026 and other
possible values can be (according to the code) 0x0626, 0xff26 etc. And the
value of the parameter is 9, which is call to SETABORTPROC. But, instead of
finding these definitions in WINDOWS.H, as stated in the code, I found them
in wingdi.h. Now my question is, from where I can get the other values of
escape functions (like those stated by you)? In wingdi.h, i got only
0x0626. Please any clue from anybody will be appreciated.


Sanjay Rawat

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