PostgreSQL security releases 8.0.6 and 8.1.2 Jan 11 2006 02:24PM
PostgreSQL Security (secuity postgresql org)
PostgreSQL versions 8.0.6 and 8.1.2 have been released fixing a remote
denial of service vulnerability on the win32 platform.

Vulnerability type: Denial of service
Remotely exploitable: Yes

Affected versions: PostgreSQL 8.0.0-8.0.5, 8.1.0-8.1.1 Fixed versions:
PostgreSQL 8.0.6, 8.1.2

Affected platforms: Win32
Non-affected platforms: All non-win32, including Unix, MacOS X and Cygwin.

CVE: CVE-2006-0105

Vulnerability description
When the postmaster process detects too many attempted connections at
the same time, it will incorrectly log a FATAL error and shut down. This
will not affect existing processes, but will make it impossible to
initiate new connections until the service is restarted.

This is a denial of service vulnerability only. As it is a standard
emergency shutdown, it can not be exploited for remote code execution.

Upgrade to version 8.0.6 or 8.1.2 respectively, available from
http://www.postgresql.org/ftp/ in both source and binary formats.

Implementing proper firewalling at the network and host level will help
mitigate this vulnerability. No other workarounds are possible.

2005-12-22 - Vulnerability reported to security (at) postgresql (dot) org [email concealed]
2005-12-23 - Patch created
2006-01-06 - Patch applied to main tree and new versions packaged
2006-01-09 - New versions announced

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group thanks Yoshiyuki Asaba for
reporting this vulnerability.

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