[ TZO-012006 ] Checkpoint VPN-1 SecureClient insecure usage of CreateProcess() Jan 17 2006 09:45PM
Thierry Zoller (Thierry Zoller lu)
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Title : CheckPoint - CheckQuotes!
Ref : TZO-012006-Checkpoint
Author : Thierry Zoller
TXT : http://secdev.zoller.lu/research/checkpoint.txt
URL : http://secdev.zoller.lu/research/checkpoint.htm

Introduction :
As employees become more mobile, sophisticated VPN solutions are
required to meet key security challenges such as securing access
to corporate resources and protecting remote desktops. To meet the
VPN client needs of any organization, Check Point offers VPN-1

Details :
During Startup, the SR_Watchdog.exe spawns the GUI process (SR_GUI.exe)
through the use of the CreateProcess() function. By doing so it omits
to set the 'lpApplicationName' variable and further omits to quote the
path in the variable "lpCommandLine". Ref [1]

This results in c:\program.bat|exe|com being called prior to Sr_GUI.exe
and allows automatic startup of a potentially rogue application. In
particular one could imagine a scenario where it is possible to escalate
rights using this (as they are inherited from SR_Watchdog.exe).

I decided that this is not worth to report to the vendor, I consider this
low impact in terms of Security. (Although it might show bad coding

References :
[1] http://lists.grok.org.uk/pipermail/full-disclosure/2005-November/038789.
[2] Only an issue on Win2k were a restricted user is allowed to write to c:

Thierry Zoller
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