Re: MSN Messenger Password Decrypter for WinXP/2003 Jan 17 2006 11:08PM
frank boldewin (frank boldewin gmx de)
the MSN-Password-Recovery.exe is a normal nullsoft installer.

after installing the software there's one pe-file called:

MSN Password Recovery.exe

which is upx packed. after unpacking with upx -d

i throwed it into IDA and had a short look for suspicious code snippets.

funny is this one:

.text:004021AF call ebp ; SendDlgItemMessageA
.text:004021B1 push offset OutputString ; "Greetings to
all reversers who reverse" ...
.text:004021B6 call OutputDebugStringA
.text:00401260 OutputString db 'Greetings to all reversers who reverse
this program - it',27h
.text:00401260 db 's easier to make another program rather
than brake ours!',0Ah


basically it enums the creds and if it finds one, the tool looks eg. at:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\IdentityCRL\Creds\username (at) blabla (dot) c [email concealed]

key ps:password and it's values

then decrypts with CryptUnprotectData() and shows you the password to the
cred if you're a registered customer. ;)

but i really can't find malicious stuff in there, nor phone home stuff.

with regards,


> On 13 Jan 2006 00:51:37 -0000, kukukuku.com <kukukuku.com> wrote:
> Doesn't work anymore in 7.5. This tool works though:
> http://www.msn-password-recovery.com
> File: MSN-Password-Recovery.exe
> Status:
> MIGHT BE INFECTED/MALWARE (Sandbox emulation took a long time and/or
> runtime packers were found, this is suspicious. Normally programs
> aren't packed and don't force the sandbox into lengthy emulation. Do
> realize no scanner issued any warning, the file can very well be
> harmless. Caution is advised, however.) (Note: this file has been
> scanned before. Therefore, this file's scan results will not be stored
> in the database)
> MD5 2784bee6f9bd768fb67dd5cb028345ad
> Packers detected: UPX

> The link on that site to the Skype recovery tool domain leads to a
> completely
> unrelated ad for a website building software package

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