ANN: New release of CORE FORCE free endpoint security package Jan 24 2006 09:47PM
Core FORCE team (force force coresecurity com)

CoreLabs, the research arm of Core Security Technologies is pleased to
announce a new release of CORE FORCE, a free software endpoint security

CORE FORCE 080.120 is now available for download at

This new release ships new UI improvements based on feedback from users
during the last few months. It also integrates and improves
compatibility and stability work done since the release of CORE FORCE R0.70.

* New network activity viewer that lists all TCP, UDP and ICMP traffic
in the network.
- Firewall permissions can be created based on a connection's
- For TCP connections, an additional column displaying the state of
the connection is available.
- "Go to process" command to go to the entry in the process viewer for
the process that generated the permission.
* Process viewer UI rewritten to support dynamic updates and changes.
- Simplified display of information about a process (with less
emphasis in processes' windows).
- New command to add a new security profile for a running process.
- Fixed sorting by the PID column (numbers are not compared as strings
* Log viewer updates
- "Go to process" support to find the entry for the process that
generated the log entry in the process viewer.
* "Add new program" wizard now allows the user to select a program from
a list that shows the programs available in the Programs section of
Windows' Start menu.
* The launch control information for a security profile downloaded from
the community web site is now correctly updated to match the
executable file previously selected in the "Add new program wizard".

The security modules have also been updated to fix a number of problems
reported by users.

* Fixed a race condition that would generate a BSOD in the firewall.
* Fixed evaluation of registry permissions for registry values (in
some conditions permissions from parent keys were not being enforced).
* A potential BSOD when handling new permissions in the runtime
repository of permissions.

We've also integrated a new crash handler into CORE FORCE's
configuration UI to be able to gather technical feedback when the
program unexpectedly fails. This feature will allow us to improve the
development of fixes for new bugs.

- The CORE FORCE team @ CoreLabs

*About CoreLabs*

CoreLabs, the research center of Core Security Technologies located in
Buenos Aires, Argentina, is charged with anticipating the future needs
and requirements for information security technologies. CoreLabs, which
is led by Ariel Futoransky, prides itself on taking a holistic view of
information security with a focus on developing solutions to the
complex, real-world security problems that affect our customers today or
will affect them tomorrow.

The solutions developed by CoreLabs leverage the collaborative expertise
of our world-class engineering and consulting teams. We conduct our
research in several important areas of information security including
vulnerability research, cyber attack planning and simulation, source
code auditing, endpoint security, web application security and

*About Core Security Technologies*

Core Security Technologies develops strategic solutions that help
security-conscious organizations worldwide develop and maintain a
proactive process for securing their networks. The company?s flagship
product, CORE IMPACT, is the first automated penetration testing product
for assessing specific information security threats to an organization.
Penetration testing evaluates overall network security and identifies
what resources are exposed. It enables organizations to determine if
current security investments are detecting and preventing attacks. Core
augments its leading technology solution with world-class security
consulting services, including penetration testing, software security
auditing and related training. Headquartered in Boston, MA, Core
Security Technologies can be reached at 617-399-6980 or on the Web at

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