Internet Explorer remotely exploitable vulnerability in JScript's document.write() method Jan 31 2006 06:15PM
porkythepig anspi pl
There is a remotely exploitable vulnerability in the Internet Explorer in the JScripting/Flash plugin section.

The problem lies in bad scripting of document.write() method being executed trough VBscript procedure triggered from ActionScript code within the crafted flash animation.
While exiting the IExplorer's jscript.dll call it causes a null pointer assignment in IE leading to the memory access violation and browser crash.

The following configurations has been tested and found vulnerable:
Windows 2000 sp4 with all MS patches
Windows XP sp2
Windows XP64
Windows 98 SE

An example DoS exploit exists at:
and also by clicking the right bottom at:

Remote code execution possibility hasn't been verified yet , but it still may exist.

Vulnerability found and DoS exploit built by: porkythepig

contact: porkythepig (at) anspi (dot) pl [email concealed]

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