[eVuln] phpstatus Authentication Bypass Feb 12 2006 10:25PM
alex evuln com
New eVuln Advisory:
phpstatus Authentication Bypass

eVuln ID: EV0061
CVE: CVE-2006-0570 CVE-2006-0571 CVE-2006-0572
Vendor: Hinton Design
Vendor's Web Site: http://www.hintondesign.org
Software: phpstatus
Sowtware's Web Site: http://www.hintondesign.org/downloads/view_cat.php?cat_id=92
Versions: 1.0
Critical Level: Moderate
Type: SQL Injection
Class: Remote
Status: Unpatched. No reply from developer(s)
Exploit: Available
Solution: Not Available
Discovered by: Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu (eVuln.com)

Vulnerable script: check.php

There are two ways to bypass authentication:

a) SQL Injection
Variable $HTTP_POST_VARS[username] isn't properly sanitized before being used in a SQL query. This can be used to make any SQL query by injecting arbitrary SQL code.
Condition: magic_quotes_gpc - off

b) Cookie based authentication
check.php script dont make password comparisson when identifying user by cookies

Multiple Cross-Site Scripting & Multiple SQL Injections vulnerabilities are present in administrator's control panel.

Available at: http://evuln.com/vulns/61/exploit.html

No Patch available.

Discovered by: Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu (eVuln.com)

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