[myimei]WordPress2.0.0~autors?website~XSS attack Feb 14 2006 11:15PM
addmimistrator gmail com
>>>>original advisory<<<<<
Software: WordPress
Sowtware?s Web Site: http://www.wordpress.org
Versions: 2.0.0
Class: Remote
Status: Unpatched
Exploit: Available
Solution: Available
Discovered by: <strong>imei addmimistrator</strong>
Risk Level: <strong>Low</strong>
There is some security bug in most poweful and common Blog Software, WordPress 2.0.0 (latest version) that allows attacker performe an <strong>XSS</strong> attack.<!--more--> bug is in result of poor checking quotations for user suplied variables in author's website for not logged in users.
Here is an example, but a good scenario can exploit better.
goto a post,comment section
fill all fields correctly, but <strong>author's website</strong>:
<strong>" onfocus="alert(1)" onblur="alert(1)</strong>
note to first coutation and loosed qoutation at end {for good exploit}
any user that want to fill author website's field an alert will show;
Disable Comments for posts while vendor not provided patch.
Discovered by: imei addmimistrator

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