Latest wu-ftpd exploit :-s Feb 13 2006 08:41AM
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Re: Latest wu-ftpd exploit :-s Feb 14 2006 04:48PM
Ragnar Paulson (ragnar wanware com)

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> http://www.frsirt.com/exploits/08.11.0x82-wu262-advanced.c.php

Isn't this a three year old exploit? Is this news? CVE-2003-0466.

Upgrades for wu-ftpd have been available from the various vendors for just as long.

FWIW, I compiled and ran this against an old wu-ftpd server here and found it was not exploitable.

Ragnar Paulson
The Software Group Limited

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Re: Latest wu-ftpd exploit :-s Feb 14 2006 07:36AM
Marco Monicelli (marco monicelli marcegaglia com)


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