dotproject <= 2.0.1 remote code execution Feb 14 2006 03:11PM
r verton gmail com (2 replies)
Re: dotproject <= 2.0.1 remote code execution Feb 15 2006 09:20PM
Adam Donnison (adam saki com au) (1 replies)
I responded to this yesterday, but for some reason it didn't make it to
the list. So, second try.

r.verton (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed] wrote:
> dotproject <= 2.0.1 remote code execution
> ======================================
> Details:
> The 'protection.php' script does not properly validate user-supplied input in the 'siteurl' parameter.
> Some user-supplied input is not checked correctly so an attacker can include a remote php file and
> execute arbitrary phpcode or arbitrary system command via eval().

protection.php doesn't exist in dotProject. There is no 'siteurl'
parameter used anywhere in dotProject.

> Because there are over 10 Bugs I only post the vulnerable files + parameters which are not checked.
> To exploit these vulnerables register_globals have to be set ON (default).

Note that you state that register_globals must be turned ON, and you
state this is the default. register_globals has been deprecated in PHP
since 4.1.0 and the default has been OFF since 4.2.0.

With register_globals turned off none of these attacks are possible.
Our installation instructions clearly state that register_globals is a
security risk and it should be turned off. Even the check.php script
you refer to later checks this and reports it as a security risk.

> Then, if the /doc/ directory is not deleted (default) you can access to two varoius files which
> disclose you some system informations:
> 1) /docs/phpinfo.php - A phpinfo() file.
> 2) /docs/check.php - Some more informations about the installed dotProject.

Both of these files are provided for installation support. Neither of
them are required for the running of dotProject. The installation
instructions state that you should remove or secure this directory for
maximal security. They are provided in order to display that information.

> Solution:
> Turn register_globals OFF, delete the /docs/ dir and cover /db/ dir with an htaccess.

And this is all explained in the installation instructions, where is the
need for this post?

> Timeline:
> 24.01.2006 - Bugs found
> 26.01.2006 - Vendor Contacted

Incorrect. You contacted us on 28th, (a Saturday), we discussed with
the devs and responded to you on the 2nd of Feb, which you fail to note
here, and you never got back to us.

> 14.02.2006 - Publishing

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Re: dotproject <= 2.0.1 remote code execution Feb 17 2006 09:12PM
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