[AJECT] TrueNorth IA eMailserver 5.3.4 buffer overflow vulnerability Feb 20 2006 05:47PM
João Antunes (jantunes di fc ul pt)
TrueNorth IA eMailserver 5.3.4 is prone to a remote buffer overflow
vulnerability in the IMAP server.
Product: Internet Anywhere eMailserver Corporate Edition
Version: 5.3.4 and probably the older versions
Vendor: TrueNorth/NoticeWare (http://www.tnsoft.com/)
Type: Buffer overflow / Boundary condition error
Risk: Execution of arbitrary code, denial of service
Remote: Yes
Discovered by: João Antunes (AJECT -- Attack Injection Tool) on 10/Dec/2005
Exploit: Not Available
Solution: Not Available
Status: Unpatched. No reply from developer(s).

Vulnerability Description
The vulnerability can be triggered by sending the following messages to
the imap server:
A001 LOGIN username password // enter in AUTHENTICATED state
A002 SELECT inbox // enter in SELECTED state
A003 SEARCH <A x 560> // overflow search argument

This will crash the server. Successful exploitation could result in a
denial of service or execution of arbitrary code.

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