vBulletin3.0.12&3.5.3~is_valid_email()~XSS Attack Mar 02 2006 10:06AM
addmimistrator gmail com
Software: vBulletin
Sowtware?s Web Site: http://www.vBulletin.com
Versions: 3.0.12-3.5.3
Class: Remote
Status: Unpatched
Exploit: Available
Solution: Available
Discovered by: imei addmimistrator
Risk Level: Mediume
There is a security bug in most powerfull & common forum software vBulletin version 3.0.12&3.5.3 that allows attacker performe a XSS attack. bug is in result of unsentizing quotation and < & > characters for ?email? field of users? information. a weak regular expression for validation email that allows insertiong unvalid characters in domain-name section of email is source of this bug and also forgot to htmlspeacialcharing output value in sendmsg.php file, helps exploiting this bug. a successfull attack can result to thefthing cookies, hijacking pages and etc?
AdminSetting Should meeted these settings:
Enable Email features=Yes
Allow Users to Email Other Members=Yes
Use Secure Email Sending=No
It sounds that conditions are defaultly OK;
pass:your pass
email: imei (at) myimei (dot) com [email concealed]?><script>alert(1)</script>.nomatt
Note About lenght limitation
Receive Email from Other Members=yes
forum/sendmessage.php?do=mailmember&u={your id}
Upgrade to vendore provided patch.
Discovered by: imei addmimistrator

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