Various router DoS Mar 04 2006 05:42AM
ryanmeyer14 netscape net (1 replies)
It appears that various routers are prone to an IRC-only DoS attack. Particularly Netgear and Linksys routers have been shown vulnerable.

If a client behind one of the vulnerable routers connects to an IRC server on port 6667 (and only 6667, does not DoS with other ports) and a user posts the following string in either a channel, private message, ctcp, notice, etc.. the router will drop the connection. The string is as follows:

DCC SEND anylongrandomstringhere

It is most commonly being seen as

DCC SEND "string" 0 0 0

but that appears to be unneccessary. The string does need to be 15+ chars in length.

Further, it appears the routers that are vulnerable to this are running vxworks as their embedded OS. Older linux Linksys routers appear to be immune.

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Re: Various router DoS Mar 04 2006 06:23PM
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