linksys router + irc DoS Mar 03 2006 11:46PM
Cade Cairns (cairnsc gmail com)

Certain Linksys (and possibly Netgear) routers will reset an IRC
connection when a malformed DCC request is received. In fact, it
doesn't even have to be a proper DCC request, the flaw can be
triggered simply by sending the following string such that it is
received by the user in some way.

DCC SEND "foo" 0 0 0

Presumably this is due to by the masquerading code that enables DCCs
to work correctly behind a NAT.


Connect to a non-standard port and the masquerading code won't
recognize it as an IRC connection.

Verified on:

Linskys WRT54G

p.s. i am lazy and am not sending this to linksys. someone else can if
they feel inclined to do so. also i didn't find the problem; the
workaround was trivial.

Cade Cairns

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