histhost v1.0.0 xss and possible rmdir Mar 06 2006 11:51PM
retard 30gigs com
??? summary
software: HitHost
vendors website: http://daverave.64digits.com/index.php?page=hithost
versions: <= 1.0.0
class: remote
status: unpatched
exploit: available
solution: not available
discovered by: retard
risk level: medium

??? description
hithost uses $_GET variables in crucial parts of their code causing
xss vulnerabilities and _possibly_ allowing users to rm dirs chmoded
to 0777

in ./admin/deleteuser.php:
15 else
16 {
17 unlink("users/$deleteuser/password.php");
18 unlink("users/$deleteuser/counter.php");
19 rmdir("users/$deleteuser/");
20 echo "The user <b>$deleteuser</b> has been deleted";
21 }

as you see line 19 raises suspision of the possibility of rming 0777 dirs
i've tried it on on my personal server with no sucess, if someone knows
of a way let me know.

in ./admin/viewuser.php:
6 $viewuser = $_GET['user'];
7 include("users/$viewuser/counter.php");
8 echo "Username: <b>$viewuser</b><br><br>";
9 echo "Number of counter hits: $hits<br><br>";

this code is self explanitory, the script does not sanitise the $_GET['user']
allowing users to easily shove xss into the variable.

??? exploit(s)

??? credit
author(s): retard
email: retard (at) 30gigs (dot) com [email concealed]

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