Advisory: Jiros Banner Experience Pro Remote Privilege Escalation. Mar 09 2006 09:09PM
nukedx nukedx com
--Security Report--
Advisory: Jiros Banner Experience Pro Remote Privilege Escalation.
Author: Mustafa Can Bjorn "nukedx a.k.a nuker" IPEKCI
Date: 07/03/06 04:52 AM
ICQ: 10072
MSN/Email: nukedx (at) nukedx (dot) com [email concealed]
Web: http://www.nukedx.com
Vendor: Jiros (http://www.jiros.net)
Version: 1.0 and prior versions must be affected.
About: Via this method remote attacker can by pass security control of system
and edit all options.
Level: Critical
Security control in admin panel's index did not sanitized properly.
GET/EXAMPLE -> http://[victim]/[JBPSDir]/files/ wtih this example remote attack
bypasses security control,
but s/he will get some errors because ; s/he did not logged in system and doesnt
have admin cookies so lets add a new
admin account :)
GET/EXAMPLE -> http://[victim]/[JBPSDir]/files/addadmin.asp so with this example
remote attacker can make admin account
succesfully and when he logins via http://[victim]/[JBPSDir]/files/login.asp can
take whole system control.
* 07/03/2006: Vulnerability found.
* 07/03/2006: Contacted with vendor and waiting reply.
With this exploit remote attacker can make new admin account.
Original advisory: http://www.nukedx.com/?viewdoc=19

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