Symantec Security Advisory, SYM06-005 Mar 20 2006 08:42PM
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Symantec Security Advisory
17 March 2006

Veritas Backup Exec for Windows Servers: Media Server BENGINE Service Job
log Format String Overflow

Revision History

Low (network/system authorization and specific configuration required)

Remote Access Yes
Local Access No
Authentication Required Yes
Exploit publicly available No

Backup Exec for Windows Servers Media Server is susceptible to a format string vulnerability in the job log in BENGINE.exe when job logging is
configured with full details enabled. (Not the default configuration)
An authorized user on the network with a system configured for backup could potentially host a specifically-formatted file on their system. If the file name is properly mal-formatted AND the backup is being run with job logs enabled in Full Details mode, the malicious user could cause a denial of service on the Media Server or may potentially be able to run arbitrary code on the system hosting the Media Server.

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