Re: [Full-disclosure] Critical PHP bug - act ASAP if you are running web with sensitive data Mar 28 2006 06:24PM
Stefan Esser (sesser php net) (1 replies)

just to stop this:

The bug is a binary safety issue in html_entity_decode. A function that
is not usually used on user input, because user input is usually not
expected in HTML format and then decoded. Even if the function is used
on user input it can only leak memory to a potential attacker if the
decoded user input is send back to the client.

The bug was found in late February by one of the japanese PHP developers
and was fixed in CVS one day later. Because the bug is a local memory
leak it was not considered top critical and is among the usual bugfixes.
PHP 5.1.3-RC1 which was released in the beginning of March already fixes
this issue.


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