NOD32 local privilege escalation vulnerability Apr 04 2006 07:27PM
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NOD32 local privilege escalation vulnerability

Not affected: > Version 2.51.26
Tested on: Winxp sp2
Risk: Average

To escalate the system privilage, the option 'quarentine a file' in NOD32 can be exploited & a malicious file can be copied to the quarentine and using the 'restore to...' option it can be dropped to the directory in which the STSTEM user just had read-only permession.

Note: from lower privilege, this trick can write a file to any directory in which the user has read-only access to but can't overwrite a file if the file-name already exists.

Vendor Website: www.eset.com
Vender reported: Mar 24, 2006
Patch release: Apr 4, 2006 (Version 2.51.26)

POC video & detail description: http://bipin.securityhead.com/NOD32.zip


Bipin Gautam

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