MAXDEV CMS Multiple vulnerabilities Apr 06 2006 06:02PM
king_purba yahoo co uk
Full Path disclosure
This hole is caused by direct access to file includes/legacy.php not protected

PoC :

Fix :
Turn off display error in php.ini can fix this security issue

Blind sql inject
This hole is caused by filtered script not implemented to $topicid variable in file modules/Topics/pnuserapi.php

PoC :
http://site.co.id/maxdev/index.php?module=Topics&func=display&topicid=0 AND 1=0
http://site.co.id/maxdev/index.php?module=Topics&func=display&topicid=0 AND 1=1

Fix :
Maxdev cms have a filtered script to protect all request but i'm so lazy to analyze the code, then i just add this code
in modules/Topics/pnuserapi.php

function validate($char)
die("i have received an error request");

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