XMB Forum 1.9.5-Final XSS Apr 09 2006 12:11AM
r0xes ratm gmail com
XMB Forum 1.9.5 (I have not tested this on earlier versions)
allows users to embed flash (.swf) videos in their posts.
Normally, you could set an option on the <object> tag to say that ActionScript cannot run, but in this case we don't.

The way we execute our code is by making a flash movie containing the Actionscript code:

An example video + .fla script can be downloaded at my site: http://dynxss.whiteacid.org/videos/xmbforum_1.9.5-final.rar

XMB has been notified, expect this to be fixed in a few days.

comments, questions, flames, etc.
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