[eVuln] QLnews XSS and PHP Code Insertion Vulnerabilities Apr 12 2006 08:18AM
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New eVuln Advisory:
QLnews XSS and PHP Code Insertion Vulnerabilities

eVuln ID: EV0113
CVE: CVE-2006-1575 CVE-2006-1576
Software: QLnews
Sowtware's Web Site: http://www.vscripts.pl/
Versions: 1.2
Critical Level: Dangerous
Type: Multiple Vulnerabilities
Class: Remote
Status: Unpatched. No reply from developer(s)
PoC/Exploit: Available
Solution: Not Available
Discovered by: Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu (eVuln.com)

1. Cross-Site Scripting.

Vulnerable Script: news.php

Parameters autorx, newsx are not properly sanitized. This can be used to post arbitrary HTML or web script code.

2. PHP Code Insertion.

Administrator has an ability to edit variable values in config.php file. This can be used to insert arbitrary PHP code into config file which executes by every php-script.

System access is possible.

Condition: magic_quotes_gpc = off

Available at: http://evuln.com/vulns/113/exploit.html

No Patch available.

Discovered by: Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu (eVuln.com)

Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu
http://evuln.com - Penetration Testing Services

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