Vulnerabilities in lifetype Apr 14 2006 06:45AM
crasher kecoak or id

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]=- Vulnerabilities in Lifetype

Author : Rusydi Hasan M
a.k.a : cR45H3R
Date : April,13th 2006
Location : Indonesia, Cilacap

]=- Software description

A CMS to manage a blog

Link : http://www.lifetype.net
Version : 1.0.3
Author : Oscar Renalias

]=- The bug

XSS a.k.a Cross Site Scripting + Full path disclosures

]=- [P]roof [O]f [C]oncept


E[x]ample :

and after that, you will see location of the root directory such as

]=- Vendor


]=- Shoutz

# fwerd,chiko,cbug,ladybug,litherr,cybertank,cyb3rh3b,cahcephoe,scut,degle
# y3dips, moby, comex, z3r0byt3, K-159, c-a-s-e, S`to, lirva32, anonymous, the
# ph03n1x,ghoz,spyoff,slackX,r34d3r,xnuxer,sakitjiwa,m_beben

]=- Contact

crasher (at) kecoak.or (dot) id [email concealed] || http://kecoak.or.id

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