Re: Re: function *() php/apache Crash PHP 4.4.2 and 5.1.2 Apr 14 2006 04:08PM
sp3x securityreason com
We tested this issue on many platforms and in all cases there was reset of apache.
Example error.log on Apache/1.3.34 (Win32) PHP/4.4.1 Windows XP :
[Fri Apr 14 17:17:17 2006] [info] master_main: Child processed exited prematurely. Restarting the child process.
[Fri Apr 14 17:17:17 2006] [info] Parent: Created child process 4092
[Fri Apr 14 17:17:17 2006] [info] Parent: Duplicating socket 1916 and sending it to child process 4092
[Fri Apr 14 17:17:17 2006] [info] BytesRead = 372 WSAProtocolInfo = 2006620

Before public this advisory we contacted to PHP Team . Here is the respond about this issue :
As far
recursive functions go, that is a well known issue in PHP, for which
there is no solution at the present time.


The problem exist and undoubtedly it should not to be. If you have some doubts in relation to this issue, please first write to SecurityReason.

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