RE: Oracle 10g DBA exploit May 01 2006 03:27PM
putosoft softputo (hasecorp hotmail com)
Patches for have been released but the bug is not solved. Patches
for other plattforms (such as HPUX or AIX) have been re-scheduled. It's not
important because ANY plattform (even with latest CPU) is vulnerable.

An exploit for Oracle was published by N1v1hD $3c41r3 and
exploits for Oracle and Oracle have been published by David

How can I say to my customers that they need to wait for 2 months to have
the solution for an stupid issue that can compromise the fully database

How can I say to my customers "Hey! Sorry! But Oracle have been tried to
solve the f*ing issue about 3 or 4 times but they failed. You need to wait 2
months (again) for a fix that may or may not solve the vulnerability."

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