Russcom.net Loginphp multiple vulnerabilties May 02 2006 02:33PM
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Russcom.net Loginphp multiple vulnerabilties

Discovered by: Nomenumbra

Date: 5/2/2006

impact:moderate (privilege escalation,possible defacement)

Russcom.net's loginphp script is a small usermanagement script:

Users can sign up for a username which they can use to login to the password protected main page.

The administrator can delete users. He can also edit the main page.

This script includes the members and help pages.

It is possible to send spoofed mails in MIME-format trough help.php due to improper filtering:

The php mail function is used like:


By following the rules provided in RFC 822 we can inject a message in MIME-format like this:

haxor (at) attack (dot) com [email concealed]%0AContent-Type:multipart/mixed;%20boundary=frog;%0A--fr


to get this message:

To: recip (at) ient (dot) xxx [email concealed]

Subject: Visit www.website.xxx !

From: haxor (at) attack (dot) xxx [email concealed]

Content-Type:multipart/mixed; boundary=frog;



My Message.



A friend thought you might want to see this page : www.website.xxx.

Bye Bye

for more information: http://www.securephpwiki.com/index.php/Email_Injection

In the register function you can subscribe with the following username (for example):

<script>alert('xss')</script> the input isn't sanitized so you can insert any XSS (30 char max) and anyone who will visit the page displaying

all users will get XSS'd (potentially cookies stolen).


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