Apple QuickTime udta ATOM Heap Overflow May 12 2006 03:05AM
Sowhat (smaillist gmail com)
Apple QuickTime udta ATOM Heap Overflow

By Sowhat of Nevis Labs
Date: 2006.05.12


Apple Inc.

Affected Versions:
Apple QuickTime versions < 7.1

We have discovered a critical vulnerability in Quicktime Player.
The vulnerability allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code
in the context of the user who executes QuickTime.

This vulnerability can be exploited By persuading a user to open
a carefully crafted .mov files or visit a website embedding the
malicious .mov file.

This vulnerability exists in the way Quicktime process the "udta" Atom of
the .mov files.

The layout of a udta(user data atom) atom:

| User data atom |
| Atom size | 4
| Type = 'udta' | 4
| |
| User data list |
| Atom size | 4
| Type = user data types| 4
| |

By setting the value of the Atom size to a large value such as 0xFFFFFFFF,
an insufficiently-sized heap block will be allocated, and resulting in a
classic complete heap memory overwrite during the RtlAllocateHeap() function.

Vendor Response:

2006.05.06 Vendor notified via product-security (at) apple (dot) com [email concealed]
2006.05.07 Vendor responded
2006.05.09 Vendor ask for more information
2006.05.11 Vendor released QuickTime 7.1
2006.05.12 Advisory released

Vendor was contacted in 05/06/2006, and they said:
"This message is being sent to you by a security analyst who has reviewed
your note. The issue is being investigated, and we appreciate the time
you have taken to report it to us. "

This vulnerability no longer exists in their new release(7.1),
However the vendor didnt formally inform me about the patch.

Greetings to Ajit, Chi, Xin, Linlin and all guys in India & US Nevis Labs

1. http://developer.apple.com/documentation/QuickTime/QTFF/index.html
2. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=303752

"Life is like a bug, Do you know how to exploit it ?"

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