Re: # MHG Security Team --- MyBloggie 2.1.1 version Remote File Include Vulnerabilit Jun 06 2006 01:52AM
Steven M. Christey (coley mitre org)

nukedx said:

>This is not vulnerable,PHP-Nuke having a special in their files and
>when includes mainfile.php it overwrites the global variables and it
>caused to make an arbitrary file inclusion.
>But in MyBloggie there is no common vulnerability like it.

In the source code for 2.1.1, many files have code like this:

$mybloggie_root_path = './';


so at least there isn't any obvious evidence of this issue, based on a
casual inspection.

Also - "scode.php" as mentioned by MHG does not exist in MyBloggie at
all, so maybe the site has been modified.

- Steve

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