Hobbit monitor: Security issue with Hobbit 4.2-beta client Jun 30 2006 04:47PM
henrik hswn dk (Henrik Stoerner)

I was just notified by a Hobbit user that the current beta client has
a security problem in the client "logfetch" utility, when installed as
suid-root (which is the default if "make install" is executed as root).

The effect of this is that any user who is able to login and create
files on a system with the Hobbit client installed, can use the "logfetch"
utility to get read access to any file on the system.

Which versions are affected
This issue affects all of the pre-release (alfa-, beta- and snapshot-versions)
of the Hobbit client version 4.2 released until today (2006-Jun-30), when the
client was installed as root and ~hobbit/client/bin/logfetch is suid-root.

The 4.1.x releases of the Hobbit client does not include the "logfetch"
utility, and are therefore NOT affected by this.

It is recommended that you remove the suid bit from the logfetch utility
on systems where you have installed the Hobbit 4.2-beta client package.

To do this:
chmod 755 ~hobbit/client/bin/logfetch

Note that this may cause logfile monitoring to break, if the client does
not have read access to the monitored logfiles.

Running logfetch as suid-root will most likely be removed in the final
Hobbit 4.2 release of the client.


Henrik Storner, the Hobbit developer

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