rPSA-2006-0122-1 kernel Jul 07 2006 07:21PM
Justin M. Forbes (jmforbes rpath com) (1 replies)
Re: rPSA-2006-0122-1 kernel Jul 10 2006 09:36AM
Paul Starzetz (paul starzetz de)
Justin M. Forbes wrote:

> Previous versions of the kernel package are vulnerable to two denial
> of service attacks. The first allows any local user to fill up file
> systems by causing core dumps to write to directories to which they
> do not have write access permissions. The second applies only to
I really wonder why in the recent past there is a tendence to declare
such things as "denial of service" etc - while they are perfect root
backdoors / vulns

*B000M* you are in one minut^K^K^Ke later...

Maybe this is just to hide the overall bad quality of the 2.6 kernel
code? *just guessing*

Anyway CVE-2006-2451 is trivially exploitable so I don't attach any
exploit code since it is obvious...

Paul Starzetz

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