New PowerPoint Trojan installs itself as LSP Jul 18 2006 11:24PM
Juha-Matti Laurio (juha-matti laurio netti fi) (1 replies)
It appears that there is a new type of PowerPoint 0-day Trojan spreading,
more details at this write-up:


What the technical details section says is:
"Installs the file SNootern.dll as a layered service provider (LSP)"

Wikipedia has only stub type article

Is this 'mechanism' very common and is it difficult to detect by AV?

This new Trojan entitled as Riler.F opens a back door and tries to connect to 8800.org,
earlier Bifrose Trojan uses (or used) this domain too.

There is a new C variant of Trojan.PPDropper as well, but no information about the file name of PowerPoint attachment etc.
Symantec reports Infection Length as 220,160 bytes, same as used by Trojan.PPDropper.B.
This size information is from Trojan description of another vendor, however.

This summary has been updated to related PowerPoint 0-day FAQ document.


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Re: New PowerPoint Trojan installs itself as LSP Jul 20 2006 01:57PM
Mike Healan (mike spywareinfo com)


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