Bypassing Oracle dbms_assert Jul 27 2006 04:16PM
ak red-database-security com (1 replies)
Hey all,

Today I released a new whitepaper "Bypassing Oracle dbms_assert". This technique makes many already fixed Oracle vulnerabilities (SQL Injection) exploitable again.




By using specially crafted parameters (in double quotes) it is possible to

bypass the input validation of the security package dbms_assert and inject

SQL code. This makes dozens of already fixed Oracle vulnerabilities exploitable in all versions of Oracle again ( -, fully patched with Oracle CPU July 2006). I informed Oracle about this problem end of April 2006. Oracle has no problem with the release of this information (?Oracle sees no problem with your publication of the white paper.?)

Kind Regards

Alexander Kornbrust

Red-Database-Security GmbH


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Re: Bypassing Oracle dbms_assert Jul 28 2006 04:42AM
David Litchfield (davidl ngssoftware com) (1 replies)
RE: Bypassing Oracle dbms_assert Jul 28 2006 01:52PM
Alexander Kornbrust (ak red-database-security com) (1 replies)
Re: Bypassing Oracle dbms_assert Jul 28 2006 02:20PM
David Litchfield (davidl ngssoftware com)


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