Bypassing Oracle dbms_assert Jul 27 2006 04:16PM
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Re: Bypassing Oracle dbms_assert Jul 28 2006 04:42AM
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RE: Bypassing Oracle dbms_assert Jul 28 2006 01:52PM
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It seems you missed it. To be honest I don't understand your email.

The problem exists and I have 36+ Oracle vulnerabilities (="dozens" in where I can bypass dbms_assert. Oracle is aware of this problem
and has already assigned bug numbers for my findings (e.g. "7569081 - SQL

I never claimed that dbms_assert is insecure nor do I recommend using
dbms_assert in this (insecure) way with three consecutive quotes. My PL/SQL
samples show only the generic concept of bypassing dbms_assert. Oracle is
using this construct 30+ time in

If you are interested I can show you next week some working examples/
exploits at the Black Hat in Las Vegas...



P.S.: The search strings are "dbms_assert.simple_sql_name" and

Red-Database-Security GmbH

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> > Today I released a new whitepaper "Bypassing Oracle dbms_assert".
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> > Oracle has no problem with the release of this information
> > ("Oracle sees no problem with your publication of the
> > white paper.")
> The reason Oracle sees no problem with the release of the paper is that
> for
> your technique to work the DBMS_ASSERT.QUALIFIED_SQL_NAME has to be used
> in
> the wrong context; you simply wouldn't use QUALIFIED_SQL_NAME in this
> manner - i.e. within quotes. I've just had a quick look through the SYS
> packages and find no instance of DBMS_ASSERT.QUALIFIED_SQL_NAME being used
> this way. If there is such a case, in other words I've missed it, then it
> would be a flaw in the package/procedure/function itslef and not a problem
> with DBMS_ASSERT - with the fix being to use the correct DBMS_ASSERT
> function instead of QUALIFIED_SQL_NAME or alternatively use a bind
> variable.
> Cheers,
> David

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Re: Bypassing Oracle dbms_assert Jul 28 2006 02:20PM
David Litchfield (davidl ngssoftware com)


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